If I Were A Fungus is a picture book that I have both written and illustrated.
It collects the surprises I have found in discovering everything a fungus can be, and the pleasure of seeing something I thought I knew from a new viewpoint.
I also reflected on what fungi and children seem to have in common: we know little about them, they are constantly changing and they don’t want to be one thing at a time.

It is published by:

- hélium éditions in French
- Millbrook Press in English
- Editora Peirópolis in Portuguese (Brazil)
- Monsieur Ed in French (Canada)
- Fatatrac in Italian
- Beijing Parallel Line Peiren Culture&Media Co. in Chinese

“The phenomenal capabilities of fungi star in this lightly informative and humorous profile. . . In bold-hued digital and marker art, geometric shapes lend Stella’s spreads a blocky, elementary vibe that suits the kid-centric text.”—Publishers Weekly

“[U]seful as an introduction to a little-known or understood subject.”—School Library Journal

“Les illustrations aux traits minimalistes et aux couleurs vives s’illuminent sous les yeux des plus jeunes. Une véritable galerie visuelle envahie par les champignons.”—Le Devoir

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